Project Profile

UX Design of online food ordering for the partially sighted

Deliveroo 弱视群体线上点餐体验设计


UI/UX Design

Project period: 2 months

Individual Project (2023)

Digital Application

User-centered Design

随着线上点餐成为了现代生活的重要组成部分,Deliveroo致力于通过为弱视群体设计友好的线上点餐体验,提高他们在美食选择上的便利性。弱视群体在传统点餐过程中可能面临种种挑战,因此通过定制化的设计和功能,Deliveroo力求打破这些障碍,使弱视用户能够更轻松、便捷地享受外卖服务。Deliveroo is committed to improving the convenience of food choices for the partially sighted by designing a friendly online ordering experience for them.

Requirements goal splitting, designing app information architecture and interaction design


Doing design programme outputs in conjunction with requirements and design objectives

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