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Project Profile

Designed for campus users who are socially intimidated to help them take their first social steps on campus.


UI/UX Design

Project period: 3 months

Individual Project (2021)

Digital Application

User-centered Design

Have you ever experienced social anxiety? Social anxiety mainly occurs in adolescence and adulthood. The symptoms are mild or severe, but 80% of people never receive treatment. Therefore, As a designer and former sufferer of social anxiety, I want to explore the funs of social interaction. I am starting with our university campuses.

One of the most significant figures illustrates that 84.4% of people feel socially anxious when confronted with strangers. Most cases (82.8%) are caused by the fact that they would feel embarrassed. And a large part of the reason is also attributed to the fact that they feel uncomfortable expressing themselves. In short, most people think that social anxiety is a pathological psychological development.

A glimpse of public attitudes through questionnaires

Research on social status and psychological expectations

Persona based on data from questionnaires and street interviews

For an example of a journey through the social environment of the campus. Journey descriptions for both branches for academic and daily life needs, and identifying points of opportunity from these.

Analysis of common social scenarios

Through persona and scenario analysis, we extracted the current situation and pain points of students’ social anxiety and prioritised them for focus.

The divergence and re-convergence of thought

In conjunction with the user needs, I focused on a solution that focused on creating an online social interaction app, and combining the app with the needs of the actual campus life scenario, allowing users to stimulate the need for social interaction while meeting other campus needs.

Outline initial concepts and identify key challenges

Competing products, they have their own preferred slate and focus. How can I discover their strengths and weaknesses and make my own design stand out?

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of competing products

The three necessities for social products are information, interaction and relationships. The three necessities are a complete cycle that facilitates the growth and improvement of the product chain.

Strengths and weaknesses & Essentials

Service process-the flow of using the core functions of the app

Prototyping for wireframe

Mapping the user’s journey while using the app, studying the problems and challenges that users will encounter, and preparing for product updates and iterations.

User Journey Map

Brand & Voice

Brand visual design and colour specification

The first version was designed in simplified Chinese language and was based on iterations of wireframe test results and journey maps.

User interface design for the first version

Blending brand and visual elements, the user interface is again designed according to the preferences of the target user group.

Final user interface

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