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Project Profile

An interactive kitchen system for young families


Intelligent product system design

Project period: 2 months

Individual Project (2021)

User research

Team work – Collaborative design

As an emerging mainstay of kitchenware consumption, the young family-oriented user group is receiving more and more of our attention. And as young people should have personality, aesthetics will also be reflected in kitchen consumption. Kitchen products have been updated according to the iterations of the user group at a rate no less than that of electronic products. That is why we are conducting research in this area.

Project Partnerships

Final design

Main image of the product rendering

Dynamic cooking zones

Mobile intelligent interactive controller

A user interface that changes with movement

Mobile intelligent interactive controller

An interactive kitchen system for young families

App Design

User flow - Interaction logic

Story Board

Use the app to import recipes

The controller is involved in the operation of the cooking system

Add spices etc. as instructed

Enjoy cooking, enjoy life





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