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Concept design for a dream therapy device for psychotherapy of PTSD patients


Concept Design

Project period: 3 months

Individual Project (2020)

Wearable device

Product design

PTSD is a worldwide psychological disorder like conditioned reflexes. When something wrong happens to us, it can leave a deep shadow in the person’s psyche. The extent of this damage often varies from person to person, depending on the encounter. When a person is deeply trapped in this type of psychological disorder, it is challenging for them to come out of it, and through this project, I hope to find more possibilities for people with PTSD.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a worldwide psychological disorder that is also classified as a form of invisible disability.

PTSD can be caused by various factors, including war, natural disasters, sexual assault, car accidents and the death of a loved one worldwide. A combination of genetic and environmental factors influences PTSD. The susceptibility locus for PTSD is very limited compared to other psychiatric disorders, and the reproducibility of results is low.

This is the result of responses from a US sample of 5,692 respondents

Most (82.7%) had experienced a serious, potentially traumatic event. A very high proportion of the affected group suffers from co-occurring disorders. And some may have the illness for life without medical treatment.

In contrast, the female population is more severely affected, and minors are more likely to develop PTSD.

Gender- and age-specific illnesses

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Current treatment modalities for patients with PTSD.

The current treatment modalities include medication, CBT and I-C/BT. However, the limited effectiveness of these treatments and the lack of specialist practitioners have resulted in no breakthroughs in treating patients.

Explore more possibilities - Hypnotherapy in Relation to Self-Awareness

Ideation from MIT's lab - Domino

Concept - A New Vision for the Treatment of PTSD based on hypnagogia

  • People are able to respond when spoken to during
    this time

Hypnagogia, or ‘pre-sleep hallucinations’, is a transitional state. During this ‘threshold awareness’ stage, psychological phenomena may occur, including hallucinations and hypnosis.

  • Hypnagogia are related to a person’s life experiences and their memories
  • Hypnagogia is a natural phenomenon that almost everyone experiences

Study of Hypnagogia




Treatment Process - Specific Steps for The User in The Treatment Process

Storyboard - how to use it

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